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Anonymous asked:

Heya. I'm writing an essay on psychoanalytic theory blah blah and all I can think about is an episode of the Young Ones where Neil says something about "what if we are all just this face washer's dream?". Or something like that? I think he picks up a dirty rag off the floor and ponders whether reality is in fact real or if they are existing only in the dream of the rag. What's bizarre is I don't even know if this was in an episode or if i dreamt it?!any ideas?

Hmmm, this is a tricky one, and not one which automatically resolves itself in my mind. At the end of “Interesting” (S1Ep5) Neil wakes up as the credits roll, saying: “Oh. It was all a dream. Fancy that. Phew.” then hears noises from the party and realises: “Oh no, this is the dream!” and wakes up back in the party about to have his head kicked in. That’s the only dream related part I can think of (other than Rick having wet dreams) which obviously isn’t quite what you’re looking for. It sounds plausible that this did occur though so I will do some further investigating and hope it’s just slipped my mind. 

If I’m forgetting an obvious bit, feel free to message in folks :)

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